ActionScript & MXML in Visual Studio Code

  • A language extension for Microsoft's free editor, Visual Studio Code
  • Supports Adobe AIR, Flash Player, and Apache Royale workflows
  • Runs everywhere — including Windows, macOS, and Linux
  • Open source and supported by the community

Install VSCode Extension

Screenshot of ActionScript & MXML language extension for Visual Studio Code

👩‍💻 Code Intelligence

Enjoy the comforts of a fully-fledged ActionScript and MXML development environment.

  • Completion of types and members
  • Automatically import new classes
  • Function parameter hints
  • Find all references of symbol
  • Ctrl+click jump to symbol definition
  • Search all symbol names in the workspace
  • Organize imports and remove unused imports
  • Rename classes, interfaces, variables, or methods
  • Generate methods, variables, getters/setters, and more
Screenshot of IntelliSense
Screenshot of debugger stopped at a breakpoint

🐛 Debugging

A debugger with all the bells and whistles that supports many runtimes.

  • Debug SWFs in Adobe AIR and Flash Player
  • Debug Apache Royale apps running in web browsers
  • Add breakpoints to ActionScript or MXML
  • Pause, step in/out/over, restart, and stop
  • See trace() calls in the debug console
  • Navigate the function call stack
  • Inspect an object's variables
  • Automatically stop at uncaught exceptions
  • Add logpoints to print to console without recompiling

🌎 Cross-platform, Cross-runtime, More SDKs

Build and debug on more platforms than most commercial ActionScript IDEs.

  • Runs on Windows, macOS and... yes, even Linux
  • Build SWF files for Adobe AIR and Flash Player
  • Transpile AS3 & MXML to JavaScript with Apache Royale
  • Supports modern ActionScript SDKs that older IDEs don't, including Apache Royale and Feathers
Microsoft Windows, Linux, Apple macOS, Apache Royale, Adobe Flash Player, and Adobe AIR logos
Photo of Harbs
I've switched over to VSCode already for most of my Royale development. Between the improvements to VSCode itself and your extension, things are getting better and better!
Gabe Harbs, Apache Royale contributor
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Screenshot of search for ActionScript & MXML extension

🚀 Installation

You can install the extension by launching Visual Studio Code and searching for the extension:

  1. Open the Extensions view.
  2. Search for ActionScript.
  3. Look for the ActionScript & MXML extension created by Bowler Hat LLC.
  4. Click the Install button.

To configure an SDK and create a new project, see the complete installation instructions for details.

🤝 Support this project

With the help of the community — developers just like you — the ActionScript & MXML extension for Visual Studio Code keeps getting better and better. Your generous support helps to fund the development of this project so that ActionScript developers continue to have high quality tools at their disposal.

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